Contrast Essay

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When a student reaches college level, a decision should be done to choose either to live on-campus or off-campus. Students need a healthy, safety, and quite environment to succeed in their higher education. Actually some people think that its an easy decision and its done in one night. Each place has its own positives and negatives, that is living on-campus is more cheaper, close to campus, but limited space and privacy. In contrast, living off-campus is more expensive, somehow far from campus, but more privacy and space. So, when choosing between them, these reasons or lets say points should be in mind and have a deep thinking with a cup of coffee, and even talk to someone who already tried both to see what it is like. Considering that if a person have the ability to meet the requirements of either on or off campus rules and conditions to live in. The most thing that concerns a student is the cost of the shelter. On-campus dorms are more cheaper, furniture is ready, technology services such as TV-cable and internet connection, and bedrooms. So, no worries of buying a new stuff that costs more money and hurts the pocket. Moreover, a student spends usually four years in college so again no concerns of moving out because nothing is really belongs to him except for clothes and may be books. In other hand, living off-campus either an apartment or a house is expensive, and also get new furniture, own internet access, cocking materials, etc. Beside that, paying electricity and water bills, cleaning almost everyday, and so on. Hence, be wise upon the choice among two options and double check if the money is enough to pay rent, bills, food, and all other life essentials. Another thing to consider in mind is transportation. Living on-campus give more opportunities to get to classes faster, also no need to go for two rounds or more to find a parking lot, access to

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