Contrast Between Voyaging And The Drunken Boat

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The similarities between “Voyaging” and “ The Drunken Boat”. Rimbaud and Baudelaire both wrote poetry about how they saw the world, not surprising considering that both men often wrote on similar subjects, Rimbaud was even inspired by the work of Baudelaire. These men also led remarkably similar lives, with unstable home lives and alternative lifestyles that put them under scorn in their lifetimes from their contemporaries, it is no surprise that both of these prolific writers created poetry that addressed the longing to set out and experience the world whether it be the pleasant, beautiful side of the world,or the grotesque side. Baudelaire's poem “Voyaging” and Rimbaud's “The Drunken Boat” are poems similar in subject matter but that differ in how they present it, Baudelaire is a much darker and pessimistic, while Rimbaud appears to have a much more optimistic view of the human condition. In order to further compare the two poems, it is first necessary to focus on the structure the poets chose to use in their creation, as they chose them for a specific reason to help better present their ideas. The Drunken Boat is set up a one hundred line verse poem with twenty five hexameter quatrains. This is interesting as this is the same meter used in works such as the Iliad and many Greek and Roman poetry, Rimbaud no doubt was drawing a line here from his own work to the great ancient poets. As for quatrains, which are the most commonly used of stanza forms in western poetry, it seems Rimbaud was interested in trying to be innovative with his subject matter not the structure of his poem, which is fairly standard. Voyaging itself is not in some revolutionary new structure for poetry either, it is ordered into quatrains and divided into eight sections each with a slightly different theme, no doubt both poets were focusing their energy on creating the imagery

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