Contrast Between Penelope And Junior

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Even though Penelope and Junior both feel lonely inside, there are quite extreme differences between them. The first difference is that they both come from a different background. For example, she comes from a rich family from Reardon, whereas he comes from a poor family from the Indian reservation also known as the Rez. The second difference between Junior and Penelope is their appearance. For instance, when Junior draws Penelope, he makes her look beautiful and gorgeous, whereas he looks like a lonely bum who lived in the street. In addition, he appeared to be skinny and looked like the poorest kid on the reservation. As a result, he was so poor that he dreamed about fried chicken all night. The third difference between them is their social life. For instance, Penelope was the pretty popular girl who had many friends, but Junior was the lonely kid everyone picked on in school. Therefore, she did not take the time to know who he really was. Furthermore, she has no idea that he was poor, so that particular stereotype did not color her opinion of him. Finally, another difference between them is that they both have different types of Parents. For example, her parents were racists because they did not allow their daughter to date Indians while he comes from an open-minded family who loved him dearly. For instance, Junior’s parents transferred him to Reardon because they want the best for him, but they also warn him that change will be hard. In conclusion, even though there are extreme differences between Penelope and Junior, both feel lonely
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