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Aim of the psychotherapeutic process is to help people in achieving personal change. That is why I will first use James and Jongeward’s definition of a contract in psychotherapeutic settings: “A contract is an Adult commitment to one’s self and/or someone else to make a change.” I would also like to mention Berne’s (1966) definition, where a contract is defined as ”an explicit bilateral commitment to a well defined course of action”. I always strive to make contracts as explicit as I can and I make sure, that my clients understood everything that is part of either business or treatment contract. I use administrative or business contract to clarify areas which could cause potential problems in psychotherapeutic process. Although most of the business arrangements are stated on my website or communicated through initial contact with client, I always give my clients a written contract on our initial meeting. According to Lapworth, Sills and Fish (1993) business contracts help clients to satisfy their structure hunger and maintain clear expectations about what is going to happen. In the business contract that I propose to the client, the following items are explicitly explained: - sessions: what is the length, timing, regularity and frequency of sessions. - fees: what are the fees per session and what are arrangements around payments of the fees. - cancellation policy: what is notice period for cancellation and payment of fees for missed sessions. - confidentiality: what are the limitations of confidentiality and information about discussing cases with my supervisor. I also include clear statement about using client material in essays and case studies. - recordings of the session: how the recordings are used, how they are kept and how do I destroy them. - emergency call: which situations are classified as emergency, hours when I’m available and where to call

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