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Human Resource Paper on Contract Negotiations In the changing world of business negotiations has become a part of everyday business. Negotiations can stem from negotiating for a raise or if a HR department is negotiating for a new contract with a union for all the employees. In my twelve years at AT&T as both a manager and a union steward, I have had the experience of viewing the negotiation process from both sides of the coin. As a manager, I have seen the HR department prepare for negotiations and prepare the company for a strike contingency if the contract negotiations stalled and the union went on strike. As a union steward, I have witnessed the union prepare for the union members for strike and stall the negotiations in hopes for favorable actions by the company. This paper will serve to give understanding in the reason for negotiations not only in daily activities but also in the scale of global business. The Process of Negotiations Negotiations come in various forms. Consumers negotiate for a better price in all forms of shopping. Whether you are at an open market or at a car dealership, the urge to barter for a better price is always there. The basis for negotiations is always the same. There are at least two parties involved, parties have a conflicting interest of wants and desires that needs to be negotiated, and lastly the parties agree to negotiate the difference in hopes to provide a favorable outcome for the interest that is in conflict. Most of the time concessions are given from both parties so that a mutual compromise can be reached by all parties involved. Some of the obstacles that prevent good negotiations from taking place are differences, conflicts, and egos. The severity of each of these can be mitigated to help lessen their impact. Other factors that are involved in the negotiations are how interdependent each of the

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