Contract Negotiation & Management Essay

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Contract Negotiation’s Impact on management Labor Relation: Contract Negotiation’s Impact on management Jeff D. Bell Webster University San Antonio Bibliography Most goods and services can be obtained faster and at a lower cost by purchasing them from companies that specialize in producing and delivering them. Organizations obtain these goods and services by entering into contracts, which insure a steady, controlled and un-interrupted flow of in-demand goods and services. Because contract are legal documents, just writing up and signing a contract is dangerous for all parties involved. So, organizations us a process called contract negotiation, which if not executed properly can be just as dangerous. This literary review will address the impact negotiation has on Staffing, Controlling, Directing, and Labor Relations. Introduction Contract negotiation affects the whole organization in one way or anther. Whether in staffing, Controlling, Directing, or Labor Relation, The question, How do you get what you want from a Negotiator from a potential joint venture who is vastly more experienced than you are at negotiating, and who very likely has more leverage than you? "It all depends on how it is approached," says Lynne Jebens. The approach is established by the organization’s negotiator, he or she must have the ability to direct the negotiations in corporative manner to benefit their organization. "If you come out aggressively and with an attitude, you're going to get nowhere." Donald Farber comments that, when negotiating a contract, "I say 'please'--sometimes 'pretty please.' Yelling and hollering I don't do. Rather than take a hard-edged approach to negotiations, be sure to be cordial and respectful, even (perhaps especially) if your counterpart is being obnoxious, crude, or rude. It's also important never to show fear during

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