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CRIMES Crime:  A wrong committed against society, as defined in a statute and made punishable by the govt. in a judicial proceeding brought by it.  Punishment could be fines, imprisonment, probation and death WHITE-COLLAR CRIMES - PT. I  Embezzlement: Fraudulent appropriation of money or other property by a person to whom the handling of the money or property has been entrusted.  Mail Fraud: It is a federal crime to (1) mail or cause someone to mail something written, printed, or photocopied in furtherance of (2) a scheme to defraud by false pretenses.  Wire Fraud: It is also a federal crime to defraud the public through the use of telephone, fax, radio, or television.  Bribery: Unlawfully offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting money or other thing of value in order to influence a public decision or action or to gain a personal or business advantage.  Bribery can occur merely by offering or soliciting a bribe – no money need actually change hands.  Bankruptcy Fraud: Knowingly attempting to evade the effect of rights and responsibilities arising under federal bankruptcy law.  Insider Trading: The purchase or sale of publicly-traded securities on the basis of information that has not been made available to the public (i.e., inside information) in violation of a duty owed to the company whose stock is being traded.  Theft of Trade Secrets: The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 makes theft of trade secrets, as well as knowingly buying or possessing another’s trade secrets without the other’s authorization, a federal crime. ORGANIZED CRIME  Money Laundering: Falsely reporting income that has been obtained through criminal activity as income obtained through a legitimate business enterprise.  RICO: It is a federal crime to (1) use any income obtained from racketeering activity to

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