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Contract Knowledge Mgmt. Essay

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- The classification of law (the pyramid/& the cheesecake)
public law/private law etc.
- Ratio decidendi
- Obiter dicta
- The essentials of a contract
o Particular  consideration
- Treat and the counter offer(what is an invitation to treat)
- The excess of interpretation of legislation (golden rule, etc)
- What is the limited company (ltd) and what is the plc?
- Know the german laws
- Know the comparison  
- How to form a new company (MOA)
- Rights and duties of the directors (liability)
- What is holding out?
- Know companies act

Classification of Law
1. Municipal law
•Public law: constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law
•Private law: law of contract, torts, property, succession, agency, employment, familiy law
2. International law (European Law)
3. Private International law

Sources of Law
•Continental European law
                      = written, codified law
            •Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (Germany)
            •Code Civil (France)
            •Codice civile (Italy)
•Common law
unwritten law is predominant
derives from judicial precedents

Two principal sources determine English law:
Legislation (enacted law by parliament)
Judicial precedent

Ratio decidendi and Obiter dicta

• Ratio decidendi:
•= the legal principle of a precedent case;
•= the pronouncement of law in relation to the particular facts
»Is binding

• Obiter dicta:
•= pronouncements by the way
•= upon points of law which are not directly relevant to the issue
»Is not binding

The essentials of a contract

1. Offer: a definite promise to be bound on certain specified terms
„I will sell my car for 500 Euro“
2. Acceptance: final assent to all the terms of the offer
„I will give you 500 Euro for your car“
3. Consideration: a benefit to one party or a detriment to the other
„the element of exchange in a contract“

Valid offer:
-Must be communicated, so that the offeree may accept...

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