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Contract Creation Memo Essay

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To: J. William Eshelman
Date: 1/26/2009
Re: Contract between Span Systems and Citizen-Schwartz AG
As project manager for Span Systems I have been involved with the recent contract issues between Citizen-Schwartz (C-S) and Span Systems. As per your request I am providing you with feedback on this contract and the issues that arose, but before I am able to share any feedback I must first share a brief timeline of all the events and communications over the past two months.

• December 2008
o Leon Ther from C-S stepped in and requested rescission of contract after recognizing that C-S is not satisfied with deliverables and lack of keeping to schedules
o Span Systems recognized that deliverables are not up to par and behind schedule, but, also keeps in mind that the problem lies at both ends
 C-S has had a less than ordinary increase in system changes and they have not kept to their schedule of inspecting the deliverables
o Span Systems team and I met to discuss contract clauses that will help C-S reconsider rescission
 Internal Escalation Procedures for Disputes Clause
 Requirement Changes Clause
 Communication and Reporting Clause
o Span Systems in London informs us that C-S may have already contracted another vendor and shared codes; although this news could have changed the approach and use of chosen clauses against C-S I stuck to the original three clauses
o Leon Ther was emailed regarding his breach of contract to which he partially agrees but continues unpleased with Span Systems

• January 2009
o In an attempt to stop the rescission of this contract proactive measures were suggested
 Create a change control panel between both companies that will review any changes before they occur
 Create a panel that will review the defects of previous deliverables and brainstorm on remedies
 Scale up the number of programmers working on this project
o Leon Ther was...

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