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Contract Creation and Management Valantina Alshaer Diab LAW/531 02/27/2012 Contract Creation and Management Simulation Contracts are signed, negotiated, and broken every day in the business world. They are the strength of businesses proposals the standards in which the process starts. There are many issues that have to be negotiated and discussed for a contract to work for both parties. “The root cause of many disputes is a failure to communicate between the parties. Even when the parties to a dispute have had reasonable communication during a project, the disagreement often escalates due to a lack of communication concerning the true nature of the dispute.” Wallwork, J. W. (2003). “During the course of a project, events can occur between an owner and a contractor concerning what the contractor believes to be extra work. The contractor believing extra work has been required will request a change order. If the owner agrees that the work in question is extra work, there is no problem unless they disagree on cost. However, when the owner denies the change order request a “disagreement” begins.” Wallwork, J. W. (2003). Communication and patience are needed in order to work through many of the complications that may occur. This paper will discuss the analysis of the contract problems between Span systems and Citizen – Schwarz AG. As the project manager in this simulation it would show that I would be trying to keep this contract with C-S. The problem that has occurred is the fact the process has not being completed at a quick enough pace for C-S and they want to get out of the contract and look into changing to a company located in India. This process won’t be useful for C-S due to the fact that they have made changes and Span has compiled with every move that have made. Span, on the other hand has also had some internal

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