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Contract administration Task 1 Prior to works commencing the contractor gains ‘possession’ of the site. Part A Explain exactly what this is and identify how the site will be officially transferred into the contractor’s possession? In construction contracts, the date by which the site for the works should be made available to the contractor to commence construction is referred to as the ‘date of possession’ this date should normally be fixed long before there is a need to begin operations on site. The foreseen commencement date would have been noted in the tender documents; however there is normally room for some negotiation depending on:  Vacant possession of the site.  Availability of funding of the employer.  Existing commitments and resources of the successful contractor. To allow for any problems with giving possession of the site, the JCT’98 contains a mechanism whereby possession of the site can be deferred the appendix of the JCT’98 requires the entry of ‘date of possession’ and a ‘date of completion’.  As printed, the form of contract doesn’t allow for the possibility of either possession or completion in stages, and there is only one contract period.  If separate dates of possession and completion for different sections of the work are required, then the ‘sectional completion supplement’ should be used. Contract administration The process of gaining ‘possession of the site usually involves the client or legal representative handing over the keys of the site to the contractor or their representative once contracts have been signed and exchanged. PART B Identify the clause in the contract that identifies the procedures to be followed. The clause in the contract that identifies the procedures to be followed is the JCT’98 Private with Quantities, clause 23, date of possession, completion and postponement. It read as follows: On the

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