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Contract Essay

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Below is an essay on "Contract" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Description | This quiz tests your knowledge of some of the key points coverred in Lecture 1.  It is not exhaustive, but it will enable you to check how well you were able to enage with the lecture.  |
Instructions | Answer each question without consulting your lecture notes.  When you have answered all the questions check your result and read the feedback.  You can attempt it as many times as you like and the marks do not count towards your assessment.  Everyone should be able to get 100% in two or three attemps, but if you get stuck get in touch with one of your tutors sooner rather than later. |
Multiple Attempts | This Test allows multiple attempts. |
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Question 1
  1. -------------------------------------------------
Which of the following is not one of the four key concepts listed as being at the 'hub' of land law?
| | The definition of land.
| | The distinction between proprietary interests and personal (for example, contractual) rights.
| | The distinction between legal rules and equitable rules.
| | The doctrine of the trust.
| | The difference between public and private property rights.
10 points  
Question 2
  1. -------------------------------------------------
Match the following descriptions and interests and one case 'non-interest' in land.  Not all of them are on the syllabus for Land Law 1, but they were all referred to in the first lecture.
  | Lease
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| Licence...

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