Contraceptives and Condoms in Schools Essay

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The Main Priority When it comes to high school students, sex can be a touchy subject; for both parents and teachers as well. All parents hope that their children will stay abstinent, but now parents also have to hope that if their children do not stay abstinent, they will not get sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are becoming more prominent in society and more importantly, teen pregnancies are occurring more and more often. STDs and pregnancy are becoming so prominent that some schools feel obligated to take a stance. Not just by giving students access to condoms, but by also providing emergency contraceptives, like the Plan B pill. School boards want to see their students succeed and feel as if they are helping to give them a chance to prevent life changing risks. However, some oppose these actions by viewing America’s youth access to condoms and emergency contraceptives as a way of giving up what, in their opinion, should really be promoted: abstinence. Regardless of what schools promote, teens are having sex and keeping America’s youth safe and healthy by handing out condoms and emergency contraceptives should be the main priority. Parents and professionals alike are opposing these actions. However, schools are beginning to get serious when it comes to student health and they are handing out condoms and emergency contraceptives regardless of parental consent. Schools are also pushing sex education to become a more important aspect in public school curriculums. Nowadays, the media glamorizes sex and does not present the reality of having sex. No matter what day in age, teens were having sex, but in today’s society it is more accepted, and so should be the use and access of condoms in teen environments. Just because society accepts and promotes teen sex through the media however, does not necessarily mean handing out condoms

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