Contraception Essay

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April Selby Food and Nutrition Project Due Date: 28th/11/2014 Different Type of Contraceptives Contraceptives, also known as birth control, are used to stop conception from occurring. The methods involved include conventional and natural approaches. In order for contraceptives to be effective, they need to be used regularly and responsibly. Some forms of contraception can be permanent, and some can help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Oral Contraceptives Oral contraceptives are one of the most popular forms of birth control for women. They are prescribed by a doctor and come either in a combination pill with the hormones estrogen and progestin or in the form of progestin only. These pills stop ovulation from taking place, and they also block sperm cells by thickening cervical mucus. These come in 21, 28, and 91 day types. Although this method of contraception is effective at preventing pregnancy, it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence According to the American Pregnancy Association, abstinence is the only contraceptive method that is 100% effective in the prevention of both pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. This involves voluntarily abstaining from sex. BARRIER METHODS Male Condoms Barrier methods are chemical and physical barriers designed to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus and fertilizing the egg. Male condoms are a type of barrier that are worn on the penis and made out of thin rubber. When sperm is ejaculated, it is caught in the tip of the condom. This type of contraception can also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Female Condoms Female condoms cover the cervix, the immediate area around the vagina and the vaginal canal itself. They are 7 inches in length and prevent sperm from getting through to the uterus. Diaphragm A diaphragm is a dome-shaped rubber

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