Contoversy Of Condoms Being Passed Out

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Research Essay Sexual Education and Passing out Condoms in School “Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” G. K Chesterton The novel To Kill a Mockingbird, illustrates both the consequences that a lack of tolerance can have on members of a society and the lessons that one can learn when tolerance is practiced. People these days are very tolerant of things happening around them. Passing out condoms in schools has been very controversial in the past years because although it teaches kids to be safe while having sex, it may also come across that having sex in high school is okay. Schools are very tolerant of this and whether or not they decide to have sexual education in schools and passing out condoms, they play a big part in this controversy. Positive aspects of handing out condoms in school is that it limits the risk of unwanted teen pregnancies and the spread of STDs. Sexual education “including condom provision accepts the inevitability of adolescent sex and encourages students to make wise ‘safe’ decisions if they do have sex” (Reising 2). It is very expensive to address problems created by irresponsible sexual behaviors so it is a wise investment by the government to supply condoms for schools. Historically, women have suffered from “restrictive reproduction regulations” and providing condoms empowers women. Condoms would therefore be the most effective way to prevent pregnancies and the spread of diseases and it would be inexpensive for schools to provide. (Reising 2-3). Although these aspects positively affect teens, some people think it will increase people into having sex. Negative aspects of this controversy is that it may encourage sexual activity in teens. With condoms being available at school, many people expect that there will be sexual activity among teens and that peer pressure will be used to push people into more
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