Continuum of Health Care and Service

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Continuum of Health Care and Service Providers HCA/210 Introduction to Health Care May 04, 2012 Continuum of Health Care and Service Providers Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following: What is long-term care? Provide an example. What type of facilities are available for long-term care? What is continuum of care services in the United States? Why is long-term care one of the greatest challenges facing the health care delivery system today? This paper will define long-term care and a continuum as well as discuss the services provided and how these services fit in the continuum of care, the resources that go along with long-term care and how it contributes to overall health care resources, and how long-term care services will be impacted in the future. “Long-term care also refers to health care needs or supervision that an individual may require for undetermined time, or even lifelong” (Long-Term Care, para. 1). Long-term care is not specific to a certain age group, and long-term care can be given in various settings. “Long-term care can be acquired in one’s home or more typically in sheltered care or independence-supporting settings described continuing care retirement communities” (Long-Term Care, para. 1). To make sure long-term care is provided at the optimum level, it must be a part of a continuum of health care. “A continuum of aging services is a comprehensive and integrated network of services that guides and tracks patients/clients over time and includes acute, transitional, long-term, and preventative care” (Clapp, 1993, General Definition, para. 1). A continuum in the long-term care field will help ensure quality care because more resources are involved to make sure the patient is being taken care of properly. The goal for long-term care in the twenty-first century is to

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