Continuous Improvement Essay

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Q1 The continuous improvement process should involve problem solving on the front line, resolving issues as they arise and putting procedures in place to prevent recurrence. There is insufficient communication and exchange of continuous improvement information in many businesses, each department working for itself There comes a time when the continuous improvement process is so ingrained in a business that many of the problems it was originally intended to solve are regarded as the norm. The improvement process has been more one of working around problems than actually solving them. Rather than being accepted, they should be identified and eradicated, and the process should become one of resolving problems as they arise, rather than searching for old ones. Benefits of continuous improbement: An opportunity for you to affect and improve how things work in your department A chance to share your ideas on how to provide even better service to the people you help: students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni Time to stop and think about what would make your job easier and less stressful An opportunity to learn new skills A less frustrating way to get things done A better working relationship with the people on your team and with other departments Q2 Continuous improvement manager The role of the continuous improvement manager has evolved from traditional task-oriented work groups such as Six sigma teams. These teams were formed to implement procedural changes with the objective of obtaining better results. Over time the benefits of these procedural changes tended to fade and fizzle out due to a lack of supervision. This caused the new procedural systems to devolve, thus re-creating the original problem. As a result, many businesses and corporations began to implement the continuous improvement manager role to maintain and expand upon the results of process
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