Continuing Education Essay

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Developing time management skills in order to balance, home, school, and social life is crucial in determining ones failure or success. Goal setting and implementing strategies for success is a key element in achieving a desired future in whatever is being pursued. Deciding to go back to school as an adult with a family is a very difficult decision. There are many obstacles that will stand in the way, and trials that will test your faith in believing you can achieve the goal of graduation! Personal responsibility to me is organizing life and all of its challenges and setting attainable goals and working hard toward a brighter future. Getting organized is a key element to success. There may be a dozen things that have to be done in a day; preparing meals, dropping kids off at school, working your 9 to 5 job, exercising, and cleaning the house. When would one possibly have time to go back to school? Well, that is where organizing your life needs to come into play. Maybe there is a friend or other parent who can help with car pooling the kids to and from school and activities. Making your meals ahead of time and freezing them is a possibility, or at least having a menu and all the shopping done for the week. Fitting in some study time is going to be a challenge as well. When exercising or cooking, that is a good time for memorization or mental preparation for upcoming tests. Developing good study habits starts when you are in junior high and high school. Luckily, I developed good habits back then and can relate to them still. I think that finding quiet time for yourself is the most important. Taking good notes and looking ahead to what the week of school work looks like so that plans can be made accordingly. The drive and determination to get where you want to be has to be strong. College success is hard, but it can be done. Having a support system in place
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