Continuing Academinc Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success Matthew Close GEN/201 Aug 11, 2014 Shaela Offord Continuing Academic Success Continuing with your education requires several tools that people have to use and master in order to get the most out of the classes that they are taking. Different people have different methods that work for them. But no matter what methods are being used, sometimes the workload starts to cause stress in our daily lives. Even though some people work better under stress, time management is essential to continuing academic success because being able to manage your time helps so that you aren’t rushing last minute to finish assignments and using time management to set up a schedule for work and school can help to get more goals accomplished. 1. Time management is essential to academic success. a. Creating educational goals gives you a sense of accomplishment as you work through the courses. My goal for school is to see the progress on the assignments and to complete them and turn them in on time. Using time management to set up a schedule can be a great way to make sure you maintain and monitor your progress through your courses. Setting goals for your desired career field is also very important to do. When you start at a new job you don’t think “Gee, I think I will be good here at my starting position”. You start setting goals for yourself so that you can improve your position and climb up your career ladder. For me, when I start in my career field I will be working on improving my inter-personal and networking skills so that I can have a wide variety of sources that I can tap into. Goals can also help with your critical thinking. Critical thinking skills will become increasingly important for quality and productivity improvement. The information explosion that began more than 10 years ago is increasing. The rapid rate of advancement makes

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