Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success With the economy shift, a few years back, many people’s social and employment circumstances changed. I was part of that shift and found myself on uncertain ground with much experience, some college but no degree in any field. Following some reflection and consideration I made the decision that in order to secure a future for my children and me, I needed return to school and gain my degree. I enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at the University of Phoenix, but that was only the first step. Following orientation I realized that achieving my academic success involves being familiar with and utilizing the university’s resources, but primarily I must be committed to my educational journey and self-assessment. Being Familiar With and Utilizing University Resources Higher education is challenging for different people for different reasons. Many students, manage their studies while juggling other responsibilities such as family, work, finances and other obligatory commitments. What is more, for some returning or adult learners these obstacles may be accompanied by other barriers in the area of technology proficiency and prior education level. As a student it is crucial to become familiar with the university resources to help cope and overcome these obstacle which may hinder academic success. The University of Phoenix student resources are available in easy to access platforms and they range from career services for help career goal setting, university library for research needs, center for mathematics excellence, center for writing excellence among others. One key resource at University of Phoenix is the Center for Writing Excellence. This resource will assist the student with all the tutorials and guidelines to create documents correctly according to the university’s writing and style

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