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Contingency Plan

  • Submitted by: yuriypopov
  • on October 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Data network mostly unusable; we are meeting in early hours after event and beginning to assess things and make a contingency plan; report must have these plans; we are people in a committee
As opposed to strategy based off of data, this assignment in org. behavior is to show us how to create contingency plans based off of unknown variables
·      Airone, LDV, Cilliegi, LAC, NC Dining Hall, Giardino, gym
·      Assume everything is damaged but nothing is destroy; nothing will collapse people can keep living but maybe broken facilities – broken pipes/windows
·      Use scenarios: “if tasis and usi are usable, then plan, if not, have another plan”
First steps:
 -  Call an Ambulance and Police department- DEAN G.  
            -Provide necessary medicaments for injured, provide first aid. Volunteers

              -Contact Red Cross and SWICA for injured students and personnel.   Sabina
              -Contact Parents, guardians or person who is responsible for the student Damian            

Call insurance – Tomasso calls and goes to insurance company.
·      Damage assessment
Create a list of damaged Franklin property including buildings, furniture, cars, etc.
-Negotiate the damage list with insurance company and refer to the estimates that were made when signing the contract.
-Using the list of damaged property divide the repairs into two categories (long run and short run repairs)
  * Set up separate departments that are responsible for their specific task. Eg. Food department
  *   Appoint a head for each department.
  * Allocation of human resources.
·      Health/First Aid – Christina Schmid and Corbin Moro
  * Contact Red Cross or likewise organizations (will help with the financing aspect of this as well as possibly food)
  * Get medicine and first aid supplies (water, shelters, basic food) from storage and nearby pharmacy.

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