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Contexts That Motivate Learning Essay

  • Submitted by: kendra367
  • on February 21, 2013
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There are four distinct contexts that stimulate adults to learn. The four contexts that motivate learning are practical, personal, experiential, and idealistic. Practical context is when you feel that you need to know something in order to cope with things that you face. Personal context is when you want to know something yourself in order to accomplish important goals. Experiential context is when you’re at a point in your life where you can pull things together from experience. Idealistic context is when you want to explore ideas, theories, and concepts to experience discovery of something new.
I think that I am motivated to learn by two different contexts; practical and personal. I am motivated by practical contexts because I like to know that I am going to gain something practical from what I learn and know that it is something that will benefit me either now or later on in life. Like with being in school I motivated by this context because I know that all the things that I am learning will help me in my career once I receive my degree.   I am motivated by personal context because I like to know that what I am learning is going to help me in the future and that I have a goal and that by learning new things, I am working towards my goal. Like right now my goal is to get my degree and I know that by learning all the things that I have to learn in school that I am going to accomplish my goal.

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