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BLADE RUNNER: CONTEXT THE DIRECTOR In an interview Ridley Scott replied in the following way to what features of his life influenced the making of the film Blade Runner: I went to art school in west Hartlepool in the north of England, alongside the Durham steel mills and the Imperial Chemical Industries plant. The air smelled like toast. Toast is quite nice, but when you realize it's steel, and it's probably particles, it's not very good. Crossing the footbridge at night, you'd be walking above the steel mill, crossing through the smoke, dirt, and crap, looking down into the fire. Later, I spent a little time in New York, which always seemed to be a city on overload, and Hong Kong at the time it was wonderfully medieval — pre-skyscraper, when the harbor was filled with junks. When it came to deciding whether to go Hispanic or Asian for what seems to be the majority culture on the streets in San Angeles, I opted for Asian. And I felt I knew what it would be like to ride in a spinner. In the years when I was doing a lot of TV commercials, once a month I'd fly into New York. I'd get off the plane at JFK and take a helicopter, which cost $20, to the top of the Pan American building. Winter or summer, high wind or balmy evening — it was hairy. I did that for almost two years. Then, one stormy winter evening, a chopper nearly missed the top of the building because of the wind gusts. It perched perilously on the edge, and they nearly lost it. ” “Q&A: Ridley Scott has finally created the Blade Runner he always imagined” by Ted Greenadol, 26.09 07 , in Wired Magazine Issue 15.10, _ In this response Ridley Scott perceives that his life had an impact on his film. What events /images does he recollect that are relevant in the film? Read the rest of the interview above to find

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