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Contest, is the debut novel of the popular thriller novel writer Matthew Reilly. Right when I picked the book up, I already knew I was going to be hooked, as the plot is really similar to The Hunger Games. The book takes place in the New York State Library where seven contestants are chosen to take place in a breathtaking conflict for their lives, called the mighty Presidian. I found Contest an action packed full of suspense and excitement book. The book kept me flicking through the pages, with great anticipation. But once I realized the six contestants he was facing were aliens I nearly threw the book away, as I was hoping to read an action packed novel instead of science fiction, but thank god I didn’t. The book starts off a bit slow, spending nearly a hundred pages on character development but gets more interesting later on though, turning into a gruesome, heart stopping battle for his life near the end. Although a compelling read, it’s not without its flaws, I found the narrative rough, bogged down by long passages of backstory designed to transmit great wads of information, but its cheer audacity pulls us in. Also, I got to say barely anything in this book is believable, right from the alien appearances to the numerous amount of excruciating blows you can take before you die. I wouldn't recommend this book if you haven't read a Matthew Reilly before, as his latter novels are much better in my opinion. If you are already a Matthew Reilly fan then Contest is a must read... see where it all

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