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HR587 Dimensions and Visions CONTENT PAPER Expectations The “Content Paper” (“Dimensions” for Week 3) enables the student to focus on concepts and theory discussed in class and to apply this knowledge to “real-world” situations (within their own organization) which is Verizon wireless “Dimensions” (Week 3) Content Papers the student is required to do the following: 1. Review the concepts and theory discussed in class for a specified content area in the field of organizational change management. 2. Write a three (3)-page paper (double-spaced) analysis on the application of a that change management concept / theory to a “real-world” change initiative in: a. Their organization which is Verizon wireless The following format should be used to present the student analysis for both content papers: 1. Introduction a. Briefly explain the strategic change initiative (in your organization) b. Briefly explain the importance of the content area (Week 3 – Four Dimensions of Change) and its application to a strategic change initiative. 2. Application Analysis a. Gather information within your organization. b. Address each content area concept and apply it to the strategic change initiative based on the information you gathered in 2a. (Week 3 = Strategy, Resources, Systems and Culture – Week 6 = Vision, Mission and Strategy). 3. Lessons Learned a. Briefly explain what you have learned by applying the content area concepts to the strategic change initiative. b. Based on what you have learned, briefly explain how a practicing manager could use this knowledge to better manage change. Week 3 – DIMENSIONS CONTENT PAPER The “Dimension” Content Paper focuses on the Four Dimensions of Change

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