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Contentment Essay

  • Submitted by: brunettebabe95
  • on October 28, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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One’s overall view of life affects himself and his surroundings. If one maintains himself/herself in an overall content mode, along with reasonable discontentment (without going to the extreme), his/her life will seem blissful and carefree. However, there are different ideas of what ‘content’ truly is, and different extents as to how much content is good for you.
Contentment and discontentment have both their pros and cons. When one is content, everything around them appears happier; this makes life easier. Moving towards the pursuit of happiness helps the production of significant tasks to be accomplished in life. However, there are drawbacks to being content, which is having too much of it. When one is content to the extreme, he/she will have no desire to accomplish more because of his/her satisfaction with his/her life’s status. However, it is good to be happy with what you have, just to an extent. It must also be known to one’s self that what they are accomplishing, even if they aren’t doing the greatest, is the best that they can possibly be doing. Discontentment also plays a part in this picture, for it does have values when it comes to being a part of life. Discontentment really makes one realize the harsh world around them, and will make the one want to make a change in the world to make himself/herself more content (which eventually will help make a change in the world). When one is too content, as stated above, change will not be desired. Accomplishing things to move on in life often require changing, therefore one has to be somewhat discontent. However, just like with contentment, one must be discontent only to a certain extent, for there are drawbacks, along with dangers, to discontentment. Discontentment can cause a lack of appreciation, stress, an unhealthy mentality, and physical sorrow that can make one struggle, displeasing one’s self and those around them. This can lessen one’s accomplishments in life, because discontentment can...

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