Contention Among Man

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Contention Among Man As long as the human species has roamed this planet we have been in constant competition with one another. Even though, we as a society can not be satisfied with being below-average or on-par with our peers it may be true all of the time for some. People have the desire to surpass the expectations that are created among our social groups and private lives. We will continually feel the need to "one-up" the competition when people set out to obtain the same goals as us. In Thorstein Veblen's writing, The Theory of the Leisure Class, he discusses that people will be in constant dissatisfaction with themselves as long as they earn what is considered an average income within their community. Most people want to earn more money than what is deemed the norm among their colleagues; which, in turn will make them feel better about themselves. Some people will do what is necessary to earn better wages than others, even if it means working horrendous hours. Once a person sees someone else earning more money and material wealth, they, in turn, will become more motivated to work harder than those ahead of them. This constant state of competition in society causes a vicious cycle of people continually trying to outrank those around them. The exchanges between the two students appear to show that they have very separate views on competition. The first student believes there is nothing wrong with competition, whereas second student feels it will do harm to our society. While I do believe it's only natural for society to be competitive and individuals want to surpass the expectations of others, I also feel that sometimes it can be harmful to our society in that competition. In a way, competition does not teach us to always work together and be cooperative with one another. Second student just wanted to make a good grade so he would pass the
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