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Content Aptitude Essay

  • Submitted by: Niteshsunny
  • on January 16, 2012
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www.campus100.in www.cat100.in

1. 2.

DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO. Fill in the information required on the answer sheet. Your test may not be evaluated if the required details are not entered on the answer sheet.
This booklet consists of three sections A, B and C with 35, 38, and 31 questions

respectively, i.e. a total of 104 questions. If there is a problem with your test booklet, immediately inform the invigilator/supervisor. You will be provided with a replacement. invigilator/supervisor.
4. Do not seek clarification on any item in the test booklet from the test invigilator or the centre

supervisor. Use your best judgement. 5.

You are required to answer questions from all three sections and expected to maximize scores in each section.
Each question has five alternatives. Answer each question by darkening the appropriate alternative letter against the question number on the answer sheet. For example if your answer to

question number 1 is B, darken fully the circle B

against question 1.

All answers are to be marked only on the (OMR) answer sheet. Use the margin in the test

booklet for rough work. No other piece of paper is permitted to be used for rough work. 8.

Use only HB pencil.
NEGATIVE MARKS (one fourth of a mark) may be deducted for the first six incorrect

answers in each section and 0.5 (half a mark) for each incorrect answer thereafter. 10. Failure to follow instructions and examination norms will lead to disqualification. lead

www.campus100.in www.cat100.in

www.campus100.in www.cat100.in



Analyse the following passage and provide an appropriate answer for the question nos. 1 through 2 that follow. In Hume_s eyes productive labour was the greatest asset of a country, and foreign trade was valuable because it enabled a nation to use more and more varied labour than would otherwise be possible. But...

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