Contempory Problems Essay

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David Shiveley Polsc 1 5 Contemporary Problems Essay 1.26.09 In our world there exists problems that everyone must face. But not everyone has the same problems or views the same problems with the same amount of enthusiasm. As such I will only get into the top 5 problems that I see to be the most threatening to my own being, or at least that I view to be the most concerning to our world and its people. In my opinion the top 5 problems that face our world and its population are as follows – Religion, The Economy, Mankind, War, and Global Warming. I will go into each and define why I believe each has been put into the top 5. First off is Religion. I would like to say that I am not religious and as such has no meaning or weighting in my thought structure. In my opinion because that there are so many religions in the world that it leads to conflict and struggle among the various groups. The past has shown us that many have suffered at the hands of religious nuts who have claimed that there God demands that this be done, or that they use their God as an excuse to do what they please to others. A great example would be the Crusades with King Richard and Muslims believing that if they sacrifice themselves they will go to Heaven and have 72 virgins. Not only this but I believe that Religion tends to cloud and close off the minds of those who believe in it. I have only met a few people who are Religious and still have an open mind. In ending I will say that I have not met everyone religious person or have read into every single religion. I could very well be wrong. Second I picked Global Warming. Not so much as a threat to me, I will be long dead by the time the full fury off it will come to fruition. Nevertheless it is a problem that faces the world and the future world. I personally believe that the world will fix itself, but not until it is to late. Unless

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