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Contemporary Organization Behaviour Essay

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Below is an essay on "Contemporary Organization Behaviour" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Today's labour market is very considerably competitive, and it seems a challenge for organizations to manage the issues of retention of staff, advances in technology, the focus of market and other key factors (Ramlall, 2004:52). That is because many managers consider their employees as another input into the production of goods and services (Lindner, 1998). However, one of the most significant factors to improve retention as well as work performance may be employees’ motivation which is associated with productivity (Antony and Mac Vicar, 2011). As for Mullins (1996: 482), the strength of these expectations and needs will decide the work performance, job satisfaction and motivation. the proportionable strength of employee’s needs, expectations how they are satisfied will determine their motivation, job satisfaction and work performance. Furthermore, Dickson (1973) claims that the motivations of employees are not only salary, but also include their attitudes influencing employees’ behaviour. According to Robbins et al. (2010:140), the concept of motivation can illustrate personal orientation, strength as well as sustained efforts to achieve a goal. Generally, motivational theories may be grouped into two categories: process theories and content theories. The aim of this essay is to explain how managers could keep and motivate staffs' work performance by using three theories. In this essay, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, ERG Theory and Expectancy Theory will be applied into three examples of Tesco, Virgin Mobile and Nokia. Although, motivation can be focused on efforts towards any particular goal, for this essay, it will focus on organizational goals, so as to reflect employees' interest in work-related behavior.

Maslow hierarchy of needs is the one of the most widely used theories of motivation (Robbins et al., 2010:141). According to Maslow (1954), individual’s activities can be effected by their needs and actions performed in order to fulfill them. In addition, if...

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