Contemporary Issues on Industrial Relations Essay

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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ISSUES THAT ARISE DUE TO GLOBALISATION Although globalisation generally is considered a good practicelooking at the fact that it brings with it jobs technology etc, it does on the other hand bring with it some undesirable issues. Some of which may affect the employees,employers even the trade unions. Some of those issues are discussed below. Globalisation brings with it high competition therefore organisations try to outcompete their rivals, as such some may turn to producing lower quality goods inorder to be able to compete. This may be pose as a hazard as some of the products may not be safe to use thus endangering the life of the people. On the other hand strategious companies may take this as an opportunity for them and invest in improving their workplace flexibility and skill development (Mcdonald, 1997). This will help the business to be able to compete as globalisation continues because they will be able to maintain and increase the quality of goods and services. One other issue that may arise from globalisation is low job secrurity. As a company globalises there is a high risk of losing jobs due to some restructuring that happens to try and deal with the globalisation challenges. It may create a non productive environment as employees are not sure about their jobs. Employees may also lose some of the social protection that they have been getting as companies minimize costs, social protections such as health care benefits, assistance with housing and education etc. Globalisation also puts pressure on companies to practise cross cultural management as there will be cultural diversity. This would mean that a country that is globalising will have to adapt its own national management to that of the country that it is investing in as practices that are applicable in one country may not be accepted in another. This also means that trade

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