Contemporary Issues in Sport: Nike and Globalisation Essay

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Contemporary Assignment – Globalisation 2,197. Read through it, check makes sense Spell check 1.5 spacing ariel 11 Title page contents Introduction. Many companies have now moved the manufacturing and distribution of their products overseas. This consequently also includes the marketing of and selling of their products to new consumer markets created. This movement has inevitably created many controversial, global debates. "Globalisation describes changes in societies and the world that, are the results of increased trade and cultural exchange." (Aminuddin and Shah, 2008). A main issue raised is whether sports companies are correct, for the way in which they go about globalising, focusing on how organisations manufacture their products. Are the workers being paid the correct wage, treated correctly and legal to work? To define this, are sports corporations acting ethically in the way that they are pushing their own financial global success. The ways in which businesses are currently progressing are a result of, and an impact on everyone from the workers who manufacture a company’s product, to the consumers buying the finished result, so this also makes the issue current and cotemporary. According to a leading market research company estimated worldwide sales of sports equipment, apparel and footwear sales were valued at 219 billion Euros. (The NPD Group, Inc., 2009). Globalisatio allows world sporting organisations to learn or further continue to conduct themselves so that they are functioning in an ethical manor, whilst benefiting not only the organisation themselves, but the countries and economies entered into. “Nothing can be done to reverse globalisation. One can be “in favour” or “against” the new global reliance on our inter dependency, however much depends on our consent or resistance to the lopsided form globalisation has taken us so

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