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Tuberculosis (TB) disease been identified as one of the six infectious diseases that pose a threat to the world’s population according to World Health Organisation (WHO). TB is an infectious disease that damages the lungs and other organ in human body cause by bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and highly contagious. In Malaysia, TB continues to rise unabated leading to high rates of morbidity and mortality. It showed by the increasing number of new cases 21249 in year 2012 (appendix 1) compare with 19251 cases in year 2011 (appendix 2). This 10% increase of new cases of TB concern us especially we are working in the health side. This is because, the disease can easily spread through coughing and spitting, speaking or sneezing in other word transmits through airborne and droplet (White, 2007). The factors contributing to the increase in the total cases reported can be attributes to simple diffusion mechanism between human to human. However, the Ministry of Health, Malaysia has taken several initiatives to curb this menace, such as providing immunization and vaccination programs in schools, clinics and hospital (government or private). In addition to vaccination and immunization programs, the government also introduce the National TB Control Programme (NTCP) since the year 1961. This programme covers prevention strategies, screening and early detection, treatment and management in TB disease in Malaysia. Despite having a comprehensive TB control programme, Malaysia is still struggling to achieve, the targets set in the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs). MDG has targeted a reduction of half of the total prevalence of reported cases and death. However the statistic on Malaysia Indicate the opposite. My roles as Assistant Medical Officer (AMO), work based on promotion, curative, preventive, rehabilitative and palliative care with can give a huge impact with this

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