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CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN THE SERVICE DELIVERY Module Code: 6TR016 To critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues affecting One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel, Dubai Student number: 100058943 A research report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Hospitality and Events Management. SHMS UC University of Derby 02/10/2007 ABSTRACT The empowerment is an important tool in any organization and make the employees cheerful with them working conditions makes the company powerful. The gender equality is another important issue that most of the organizations still facing, although, presently the women situation is changing. The aim of this report is to critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues that are affecting the One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel, Dubai. In order to give a better understanding of the assessment, the author will first define the term “contemporary issues” followed by a small description of the organization chosen, One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel, and finally evaluate how the contemporary issues, gender equality and employee retention and loyalty, affect the organization. The researcher will be concluding by giving an opinion of the both issues. CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION 4 One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel 4 The gender equality 4 Staff Retention and Loyalty 5 AIM AND OBJECTIVES 7 METHODOLOGY 8 FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS 10 CONCLUSION 14 REFERENCES 15 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this assignment is to critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues that are affecting the service sector. Before discuss these contemporary issues in more depth, the researcher will introduce the assessment by defining the meaning of contemporary issues followed by a description of the hotel chosen and a brief explanation of contemporary

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