Contemporary Issue Essay

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Contemporary Issue 1 Contemporary Issues Eloise Brooks University of Phoenix Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice, CJA/313 Wes Harris, Instructor February 15, 2010 Contemporary Issues 2 Criminal Justice has a combination of issues that are complex, difficult and obscured. There are immediate and dramatic implications for political actions, public policy and institutional decision making. Lesser violent communities are the main concerned that all states are working toward. Environmental crime, cybercrime, identity theft, DNA, arrest procedures in domestic violence, human trafficking, police hiring procedures and white collar crime are some of the contemporary issues that are dealt with on a Federal, State and Local level. Environmental Crime Activities and conditions that do not comply with environmental laws, the disposal of hazardous waste could have a very strong impact on the environment. Things such as leaking or corroded containers that have been dump or left intentionally. Foreign substances dumped into streams or water waves. Dead animals alongside a river bank or land field are also a hazard to the health of the community. Toxic waste that has been buried by a chemical plant in the past may surface some years later creating serious illnesses for a community. “Millions of gallons of toxic chemicals, including waste is know to cause cancer and birth defects, formed a massive oily sleek on rivers, at one point threatening the water supply… The chemicals reached near explosion…” (Staub, 2005) Cybercrime Computers has become a intricate part of daily life and are used to deceive, destroy, steel information, misrepresent, along with other forms of havoc that has a negative impact on today’s

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