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I feel that Vik Muniz had multiple purposes behind creating the artwork featured in today’s film. Obviously, it seems as if his first initial purpose behind the artwork was that he wanted to capture something different. He wanted to portray something very raw and real that reflects “reality” like many contemporary artists. He obviously did his research, as shown at the beginning of the film, and he knew to some extent what he could possibly find when he went to the community. It seems that once he dug deeper into his research and found the struggle and hardships present in the area were worth much more than what the artwork was initially intended. His purpose then grew to something much larger. He knew the power his artwork had on others in the past, but now it could be something much more. He wanted to impact the viewers of his artwork greatly but even more, he wanted to impact the subjects. Muniz knew he was a very popular artist and how much his artwork could typically sell for in the art community. Therefore, he used his artist motives as well as his humanitarian motives to go into this project. However, he knew he had to be careful with dealing with the community. It was very important that he did not disturb or distruct their fragile way of living but yet influence them enough in a positive way. Before Vik had even begun the process of creating his artwork, he made sure to establish a strong relationship with the community so that they accepted and trusted him. He then slowly, one-by-one, began making an impact on the individual lives of the trash pickers. He let their expressions, emotions, and stories be captured in the art in which they were submersed. The end result was incredible as he was able to change and motivate the lives of many of the trash pickers as well as help raise a significant amount of money for their influencial association. Personally,

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