Contemp Western Vs. Christian Fullfillment Essay

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Happiness can be achieved in a variety of ways throughout the world, however the question is whether or not this happiness is pure and real. Many people are not conscious of possessing a false happiness, and will never really experience a genuine satisfaction in their lives. This is usually the result of individuals being mislead and accepting ideas promoted by contemporary western culture. A majority of these ideas are materialistic, and very superficial. People around the world are influenced by the media, and regularly become a part of the population that chase materialistic desires. Christian teachings offer a different kind of happiness. A more fulfilling feeling is advertised as being pure and real. It relates to a very spiritual happiness, supposedly making you a better person so when you ask what is the meaning of life, or what is our purpose? You are able to look back on what you’ve done and be content with your achievements and the way you have spent your time. With this sudden realisation you will earn a fulfilling feeling, achieving an authentic happiness. Materialism can be defined as “belief that only matter is real or important; rejction of spiritual values etc.”(The little oxford Dictionary 1980,) .Having a comfortable and achievable life and rejecting spiritualism are two quite different things. Human desires have become more and more typical over years, people have always desired comfort, money, growth, fame and power as It is what we are told is “good”. These desires are only predictable because people are taught to prioritise their values wrongly. People are brought up to do good in school, because this will get them a good job, and a good job will give the opportunity for promotion to a better paying position, which eventually translates into one having a better, more fulfilling lifestyle with the power and money to afford all wants, as well

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