Contemp Nursing Task 2

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------------------------------------------------- Discharge Planning & Placement ------------------------------------------------- An Evaluation and Assessment for Discharge Planning & Placement for an Elderly Male Client Abstract Evaluation and Assessment for discharge planning and placement in regards to a case study about an elderly gentleman who his status post hip fracture There are three healthcare issues that must be addressed when working with an interdisciplinary team to determine the most appropriate discharge plan for Mr. Trosack. The first is Mr. Trosack’s baseline level of physical functioning such as with performing ADL’s such as bathing, dressing, transferring independently as well as if he can walk independently. Other functioning abilities known as IADL’s will be addressed are transportation, money management, telephone use, and work and leisure. The second is to determine if he is clinically stable and does not have any new symptoms such as fever, delirium, hypotension, and hypertension. Thirdly, where is Mr. Trosack going to be discharged to? Will it be to his home or some other alternate facility “based on the functional status, available home supports, need for rehabilitation or placement in long-term care setting” (Palmer, 2004). All of these issues are extremely important when planning discharge management for an elderly patient. Assessing the physical functioning of the patient allows one to gauge the level at which the individual may be able to maintain independence while maintaining a maximum quality of life. This “is a balance sought by the elderly, their caregivers, and society in general”. Determining the clinical stability of the patient is important because it allows for the goal of care to be able to help them “live a good as a life as possible, despite their illness and decreasing capacities”. Where the

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