Consumption Essay

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Consumption Energy conservation has become more of a Global effort, with changes in climate, talks of global warming, and rising consumption nations around the world are looking for more resourceful ways to reduce energy consumption and conserve the resources that we share. One individual American uses nearly 2910 gallons of oil equivalents to maintain their residence, power personal transportation, and food (USBC, 2007). Americans make up only 4% of the world population and consume 25% of its fossil energy. Due to cheap prices and the abundance of fossil fuels during past years people have created energy habits that have put a strain on environmental resources around the world. When most people think of waste resources and energy are not the first things that come to mind. I remember as a child my parents telling me not to be wasteful, but it always applied to eating all of my vegetables. The word waste is also associated with sanitation or garbage but energy doesn’t stand out. People never consider the energy they consume or their habits as wasteful. Practices such as leaving the television on in a room that is unoccupied, lights on in well lit homes, or radios and computer towers running all day never register as wasteful but tactics such as these represent a large part of the problems with energy consumptions and energy conservations. Energy comes from two sources renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable sources are of nature and can be reduced. For example wind energy is used to reduce energy cost and improve energy reliability; turbines use the wind to generate mechanical power or electricity. Sunlight produces solar power when light and heat from the sun are converted into heat and electricity. Fossil fuel is derived from anaerobic decomposition of buried remains of dead organisms and dead plants. Biomass fermentation is a renewable resource that

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