Consumption Essay

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Courtside Consumption Often overlooked, the driving force of the world today is consumerism. If you’re wearing clothes, eating food, or driving on the road, advertisements are unavoidable. Consumerism and advertising are very broad topics; both can be argued for or against. “Consumer advocates say Americans are under siege by advertisers, and that the problem is more serious than just irritating dinnertime phone calls or endless ads during movie previews and commercial names for sports stadiums” (Marshall). One particular area of consumption that interests me is the relationship between consumption and sports. Sports play multiple roles in consumption and media from sports movies, television ads, team apparel and accessories, and ticket sales. There are endless things that can be consumed related to sports, and plenty of ad campaigns telling us which station to watch the biggest games on. Beyond just the sports itself are the athletes who play them. Consumption habits of athletes tend to be different from the general public. In the advertising world, many athletes are used as spokespersons and endorsers of various products. Many colleges, club teams, or professional teams are on contracts with big advertisers. This means as we watch our favorite football team we’re subconsciously staring at multiple companies’ efforts to get our attention from the sidelines. Over the years the tactics used by advertisers have become more and more competitive. Sports are multifaceted within the consumer world. They make almost anything you can think of with your favorite team’s logo on it or even the more popular athlete’s last names. Sports are huge in America, and a lot of people like to show support for their team by flaunting the logo in many aspects of their lives. Many fans have the mindset that if they like a team at all, they must let everyone know it by consuming products

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