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Keystone Computers & Networks, Inc. Auditing is a very important process for every company that has to deal with financial records. Auditing will consist of a lot of work on both sides of the audit the management team as well as the company who has hired the auditor to come into their establishment to assist. The auditor must gather as much information as possible in order to be able to conduct a knowledgeable audit. Having knowledge of the company is very important. They are also required to know what the company is looking for exactly so that they are able to assist with the deliverance of their audit as needed. After gathering all of the necessary information he auditor would also need to gather what kind of strategy that they would; be using when dealing with the company. When the strategy is developed the auditor will be able to figure out some very important things about the client. Once the auditor has provided himself with that; they are able to move with the next issue which would include the timing, nature, and the extent of the procedures which are performed by the auditing team. We must also take into consideration that we have audits that depend on why they are requesting and who requested will determine what kind of information would be provided for the auditor. Which then would lead to how to prepare for them? Every audit should be different with different requirements. After making the very important decision of whether or not to take on a customer (client) that is requesting assistance, is a very complicated decision. You will have to evaluate and audit all possible avenues before taking on a job to make sure that you can display good ethics for the client. First, as an auditor you want to familiarize yourself with the operations systems. You will also want to make sure that you as the auditor has knowledge of the customer’s business. This

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