Consumerism in Today's Society

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Consumerism in Today’s Society: First time Home Buyers There are several steps involved when you are going to purchase a home for the first time and knowing these steps will only work as an advantage for the buyers. Knowing how much you can afford, which bank to consider for a loan and choosing your home are just a few things that come with purchasing a house. Today’s society can especially prove to be difficult with the housing market problems people are encountering. People can go into the method completely blind and end up doing the wrong thing which can result in disaster. The process of buying a first home can be intimidating and overwhelming if you do not know how the process works and what aspects are important to consider such as knowing your rights as a buyer. The first step to buying the house of your dreams would be to determine what you can afford. There are several tools and resources available today to help you, from online calculators to talking with lenders. If you type “online mortgage calculator” into any search engine you will come up with hundreds of different sites to choose from. To use these calculators you will be asked for the loan amount, meaning the top dollar amount you think you can spend on a house. Is it $150,000 or $200,000? Be reasonable when trying to figure this out. The calculator will also want information such as interest rate and terms in years. Terms in years refers to the length of your loan. You have options to choose from so take the time to look into them. These simple facts will help you to figure out what you can afford. You could also go to a lender or housing counselor. These are people who will sit down with you and look at your income, debts, and current monthly expenses and so on. They will let you know how much you can afford. Once you know what you can afford to spend on your home you

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