Consumerism In Bruce Dawe's Poetry

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How does Dawe’s poetry challenge us to be critical of consumerism? Consumerism is the process of selling, advertising and promoting goods and services. Society tends to become acquisitive, that is, it becomes a desire to acquire and possess goods and services. Consumerism is suggested to be an obsessive consumption of goods because of the ‘ism’ associated. Bruce Dawe describes the negative aspaects of consumerism in the poems: Enter Without So Much As Knocking; Televistas and Americanized. Dawe expresses Enter Without So Much As Knocking in a negative feature. The title of the poem suggests how consumerism has made itself welcome in society. The poem begins with the birth of a child whose first thing he hears is a consumer show, with host Bobby Dazzler. In this scenario Dawe bases consumerism as the most important thing in one’s life in a humourous way by exaggerating that a child hears a game show before his parent’s voices. The…show more content…
This quote indicates how America raises a country just like a mother raising her child and then leaves without care onto another country. Dawe expresses America’s dominance as ‘uncaring’ and careless. “Toys that mark his short life” shows how products and technology become obsolete compared with America’s products. America’s /mothers goods are those of American companies like Pepsi-Cola, Spam, Chewing gum, hot dogs, electronic brain. These products are ones, which influence and colonise other ‘infant’ countries. Dawe expresses this allegorical poem in the same way as a process of life, except he symbolises how American culture is spreading, just like a mother’s figure being passed on to her child. He is criticizing consumerism by representing Australia or any nation as the infant and America as the

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