Consumerism in America

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Consumerism in the United States Consumerism is the center of American culture. Americans tend to confuse their wants with their needs. With new advances in technology, as well as the help of advertisers, people are provided with easy access to new products that seem essential to their everyday life, even though they have survived this long without them. It is a fact that people cannot live without food, water or shelter but the problem with consumerism arises when people take it to far and spend money extravagantly. You do not need the most fancy or flashy things to survive. Consumerism is a big problem, which affects the environment, humans . Consumerism is bad for the society because it increases global warming, causes mental health issues and also causes mental health problems. Consumerism plays a great roll in increasing global warming? The cars, buses, trains and planes we drive pollute the environment. In the society we live in, new cars are made every day and are sold too. “On average, 16 to 17 million new cars are sold in a year in the united states. There are 254.4 million registered passengers vehicles in the United States and over” according to the 2007 DOT study. Car engines are powered by petroleum by-products. When a car engine runs, it burns these fuels producing fumes out of the exhaust pipes. These fumes are made up of gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons which pollute the air. Most people do not seem to care about this problem. They prefer to care about what gives them pleasure. For example, car racing. People think car racing is cool, of course it is pleasuring to the eyes but what else happens as this cars move apart from the fact that it is cool. The fumes that come out of these cars cause pollution to the air. Vehicles also contain many different fluids, including motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline,

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