Consumerism Essay

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Consumers today face a dilemma of choices. There is a bewildering array of goods to choose from for almost all categories- toothpaste, shampoo, coffee, shoes, apparel to name a few, which can overwhelm the consumer. For the budget conscious customer price is usually the determining factor, but for the average consumer the choice is dictated by habit, brand name or by quality. These circumstances stand in the way of making ethical choices but fortunately, there is a movement afloat that is making the customer more aware that every purchase can and should be the result of a moral choice. The consumer can determine if the money is spent in a manner that promotes ethical dimensions associated with the product – healthier consumption by the consumer, better business practices including protection of the environment, safer and improved treatment of workers, and protection of human rights. The process by which a consumer makes such informed choices and uses the purchasing power of the dollar to effect positive change in personal or corporate behavior is called ethical consumerism. This process is evolving into a broader movement for change largely due to the activism of the consumer and advocate groups. I support and applaud this movement because its ultimate goal is to improve the sustainability of the planet by striking a balance between healthy consumption choices and efficient and humane use of natural and human resources. I believe that there is a need for every individual to be an ethical consumer. Ethical consumerism is important because it can improve the well-being of the consumer while developing a more ethical ecosystem. The term ethical consumer is used widely these days but its origin can be traced back to the late 1980s when the British magazine Ethical Consumer started a rating scheme by which companies were graded for several categories such as “animal

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