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(600 - 900 words) er det med eller uden citater??? Consumerism 1. Summary of Trouble in Store (150 words): The short article “Trouble in store” by Madeleine Bunting exemplifies the consequences about consumerism from a starting point in various inquiries. The article tells that more than eight out of ten of the parents in UK think that marketing is aiming too much at the children. It’s said that ca. 78 % of a group of children NCC has been talking to love to go shopping which is pictured to be due to the fact that the youth is rather impressionable. In the line of that it’s questioned if an increasing number of youngsters with mental illness have anything to do with change in culture. In one of the surveys it seems that especially youngsters in poor families have the tendency to be more likely to become the typical consumer and suffer from it mentally because they become aware of what they do not possess. As well the Push-Pull effect is mentioned as a problem in the way that both the market and the environment inspire the youth to buy and consume. The text gives the impression that the parents feel as being kept hostages in the game of the market as the gatekeepers of the capital. This is said to have a bad influence on the parent-child relationship as it plays off the child against the parent due to pestering and discord. 2. Outlines of the various attitudes to consumerism in the texts: The attitude towards consumerism in the first text, “When enough is enough […]”, tries to emphasize the negative part about it: it says that “Consumerism is a spiritual attitude […]” (p. 2 l. 23) a way of living. But in the same time the article claims that it reduces everything “to a commodity able to be exchanged.” and therefore also implicitly tells that this is a loss of values. As well our individually identities and personalities are brought down to an

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