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In The Name of Islam, the Beneficent, the Merciful CONSUMERISM – A BOON & A CURSE [Shamim A Siddiqi, New York] WHAT IS CONSUMERISM? Consumerism is the concept of market based on the forces of Demand and Supply, covering the entire spectrum of goods and services that are essential to maintain and continue human life or man’s existence on earth. These are the natural phenomenon and have been arranged by our Merciful and Benevolent Creator and Sustainer for the survival of human species since the time man descended on earth. It needs some elaboration to state as how these natural forces came into existence. However, its harmonious and smooth growth is very often disturbed or jeopardized when human ingenuity, his weaknesses - greed, caprices or his profit-making motive become prominently active, and man starts manipulations on either side of the equation of “Demand verses Supply”.. The natural equilibrium in between demand and supply is, thus, broken at frequent intervals, putting the economy of man in disarray as we see today and through ages What creates Demand? It is generally acknowledged that under capitalism “Consumer is the King”. It is he who fixes the flow, the trend and the quantum of demand in the market which in turn is dictated by his natural urges. Man’s natural needs of sleep/rest, hunger/thirst and sexual instinct prevail upon him to create the demand of goods and services. It covers the entire spectrum of human needs, from birth to death and from cradle to grave, to satisfy his paramount physical and material urges. This is a natural phenomenon. The man through his natural urges sets the economic wheel of demand to move ahead. It becomes the fundamental instrument to create the forces to come forward to supply and meet his needs and urges, creating the Supply side of the equation. From where the Supply comes? The Creator and Sustainer Who

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