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Consumerism Essay Consumerism has so dramatically affected our society that it would be quite difficult to change. Consumerism is what drives the economy; and so therefore, all businesses and corporations depend on consumers to continuously buy their goods or products or the employers wouldn’t be able to pay the employees. For the consumers, it is about linking their personal happiness with the purchasing of material goods or attractive services. Often, consumerism is viewed as a negative aspect of people’s lives and society’s purchasing behaviours. Consumerism is also often thought to have inevitably lead consumers to materialism; which is the theory that the only thing that exists in the current world is matter; and that all things (including consciousness) are the result of material interactions. In the current consumer society, “I am what I have” is the often description of a person. For example, when students at our school started to purchase iPods, the rest of the students were pressured (socially) to buy an iPod as soon as possible too; linking the tangible item (which is the iPod) to our personal happiness (in this case our popularity). However, consumerism is so necessary (in fact, essential) to support today’s economy; it has recently emerged through a historical process of industrialization and has resulted in the beginnings of mass markets. Now-a-days, businesses depend on more and more and even more consumers to continuously buy their products, goods, or services because they need the money to fill their own pockets, and also to pay their employees. Without consumers and without them buying lots of products, the economy would experience a downward slump almost immediately because of this cycle; everyone wants more money so they can buy more products, so the more money any consumer has, the more likelihood that that

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