Consumer Rights Essay

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To begin with, the benefit of having consumer rights provides quality goods and services. Consumers have the right to receive the best goods and services as money is paid in return by the consumers for the goods and services. For example, in supermarkets the consumers can demand the suppliers to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Consumers deserve to be provided with fresh products as eating stale food is unhealthy. The stale products are sold at the same rate as the fresh products. The suppliers’ main aim is to make profit regardless the health of the consumer. Thus if the consumer has the knowledge about his rights, he can take actions against the selling of stale products and the company may end up paying more than it makes profit. Before consumers had to stand in long queues and wait for hours to be served because there was only one cashier. Now because of consumer rights the companies have improved their services. For example, when there was no consumer rights, consumers had to wait for hours in order to pay for their bills at the respective departments such as water bills at the Public Works Department. When the cashier went for lunch the consumers had to wait till the cashier returns from lunch break .Now bills are also accepted at the Post Office. There are more cashiers and salespeople to serve the consumer. The salespeople are kind and helpful when consumers seek information. Therefore having more cashiers and salespeople increase the speed at which service is provided. A clean environment gives an impression to the consumers that the products are of a high standard and hygiene. Since consumers have rights to choose the environment in which they want to do their shopping, shops have improved by providing a much cleaner, pleasant and friendly environment. For example shopping at Tappoo City is wonderful as the environment is so clean, cool, neat

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