Consumer Protection In Banking Law” Essay

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Introduction Introduction The present research the researcher explain our banking system and protect consumer interest to other and tried to find the reason of dispute between the banks and consumers.The scope of this research very wide because the subject of this research is related to other laws in the country which are necessary for the protection of consumer interest. The present research is totally doctrinal research. The researcher used a secondary source of data means books, text books and journals.The next topic contents the object of research and problem of research. In this research the researchers also gives the temporary solution of problem. (Hypothesis)Then the most important topic of research is chapterization. All the chapters are relevant to banking system and related to consumer protection. The researcher also gives the conclusion about overall research and last but not least next three chapter contents report writing, bibliography and table of cases. Scope of research The Scope of this research is very wider because of the subject of this present research is touched to other laws In the country . If the bank and financial institution does perform it duty in accordance law, rules, contract or custom in banking filed the law which are relevant in this regard are as under 1. Negotiable Instrument ACT 1881. 2. Banking Regulation ACT 1949. 3. Bunkers Book Evidence ACT 1891. 4. Indian Contract ACT 1872. 5. Companies ACT 1956. 6. Reserve Bank of India ACT 1934. 7. Regional Ruler Banks ACT 1976. 8. Banking Companies ACT 1970. 9. Limitation ACT 1963. 10. Deposit Insurance And Credit Guarantee Corporation ACT 1961. The relevant rules for the bankers in this regard as under 1. Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985. 2. Banking Companies (Period Of Reservation Of Record ) Rules 1985.

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